The Buzz Around Deal Desk – How Top Performing Companies Are Increasing Deal Profitability and Closing Deals Faster
    , at 10:00AM PT / 1:00PM ET
    Join this webinar to hear from Ruyben Seth, Senior Manager of Legal Operations at Symantec, and Kirk Krappe, CEO at Apttus on:
            • Best practices for administering deal desk functions

            • Ways to develop deal desk into a trusted advisory to field sales to improve sales success
            • The tools Deal Desks use to create success within the organization

    Lessons Learned and Key Insights on Contract Lifecycle Management
    , at 9:30AM PT / 12:30PM ET
    Hear from John Moss, SVP & General Counsel at Salesforce about how he is improving contract lifecycle management, including:
            • Common problems in contract management and ways to avoid them
            • How to ensure the contract management process is understood by the entire organization
            • Changes to contract management process, and how that maps to a 2013 plan for success

    How to Maximize Business Success with Salesforce Chatter
    THURSDAY, APRIL 4, at 10:00AM PT / 1:00PM ET
    Ensure continued success with Chatter, including:
            • How to optimize your current Chatter instance and ensure long term success

            • Examples of how organizations are using Chatter, including numerous use cases
            • The ways companies are connecting tools like Microsoft Word and Office with Chatter
    Hear examples of how Chatter is being used at various organizations

    The Secret to Improving Contract Management for Sales Contracts
    inside Salesforce
    TUESDAY, MARCH 26, at 10:00AM PT / 1:00PM ET

    Contract creation and management is one of the most critical processes in any organization. Learn:
            • Standardizing and Streamlining the Contract Process

            • Accelerating reviews, revisions and approvals
            • Ensuring all contracts are easily cataloged and retrieved when needed
            • Common reporting requirements for contracts

    How to Drastically Improve the Quoting Process inside Salesforce
    TUESDAY, MARCH 12, at 10:00AM PT / 1:00PM ET
    Learn about best practices in quoting, and how one large organization has optimized their quoting process to improve overall sales results.
            • Learn ways to remove inefficiencies from the sales process

            • Find out why organizations are making optimizations to their quoting process a top priority
            • See the extra visibility that is gained into the sales cycle as a direct result of the technology

    Selling the Value of Sales Operations to the Executive Team

    TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 26, at 10:00AM PT / 1:00PM ET

    During this webinar, Sales Operations experts from companies including Apttus,
    Xactly, The TAS Group, and will discuss:
            • The characteristics of an industry-leading Sales Operations Team

            • The critical skills of today’s sales ops professional

            • The tools and systems that sales operations professionals use on a regular basis
    The dashboards and data used to enable executive support

    VP Sales Enablement, Apttus

    Ensure you are driving Sales success
    with our 2013 Webinar Series!

    Sales is a complex discipline requiring experience across multiple domains. This webinar series will help you ensure success in various areas, such as Selling your Executive Team, Chatter adoption, Improving your Quoting process, Secrets to successful Contract Management, and more. This series is specific to Salesforce users.

    You won't want to miss our special guest presenters from companies, including Motorola Solutions, Salesforce, Xactly, Symantec, and many more. Fill out the form to register for the complete series.

    The Completed Spring 2013 Webinar Series...

    Solution Architect

    Tom Banton

    Al West

    VP Sales, Apttus

    Sandra Ficke-Bradford

    Dir. Program Mngmt,

    Jules Ehrlich

    GM X-Author

    Kirk Krappe

    CEO, Apttus

    Ruyben Seth

    Dir. Legal Operations

    Motorola Solutions



    Daniel Chang

    Dir. of Business Dev.


    David Belove





    VP, Marketing & Strategy

    Ankur Ahlowalia

    Sr Dir. Global Sales Ops


    Kirk Krappe

    CEO, Apttus

    John Moss

    SVP & General Counsel


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    of our Spring 2013 Webinar Series

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